General meeting of Connected Car Alliance

Connected Car Alliance

General meeting of Connected Car Alliance

It will set the stage for high-level B2B networking in the connected car and mobility industry by attracting the “Connected Car Alliance” general meeting, which consists of domestic OEMs, autonomous driving, electronic semiconductors, and communication software (SW).

VENUEIncheon Songdo Convensia
DurationCo-located during COMEX 2023
Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy / Korea Automotive Technology Institute

Connected Car Alliance

It is launched to jointly respond to technology development and international standards in line with the expansion of the connected car market based on autonomous driving and communication technology, and to establish a system for continuous cooperation between companies, governments, and academia
  • In relation to connected car communication parts and systems, electronics and auto parts companies collaborate on international standards-based vehicle communication systems, product performance, certification, legal evaluation, and self-driving AI technologies, and promote large-scale demonstration.
  • In order to secure communication security technology of vehicles that have recently been highlighted, V2X vehicles, security solutions for next-generation intelligent transportation systems (C-ITS), and security certification system operation technologies are intensively developed
  • Discussion on how to create a new service model through high-precision maps, traffic information, and multiple transportation networks based on connected car platforms.
  • The finished car company develops a fully autonomous driving system and vehicle S/W platform that can be linked to connected cars, and shares trends and development directions with related industries

Organization of Connected Car Alliance


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Connecting C2C-CC with Connected Car Alliance